Viewing art, collecting art and making art are great hobbies.

Art For Children

Art for Children With Sensory Issues

If you have a child with sensory issues, you are in luck! Just when you think all hope is lost,...

Art For Children

Bottle Bank

A great project for ages 3+. The total time it takes to make the bottle bank is approximately 20 minutes.


Art For Children

Milk Carton Animals

A simple project great for a rainy day or even just a simple craft to pass time on the weekends.


Art For Children

Fine Feather Canvas

A colorful and fun project your toddler will love!

Materials Needed

1 x Sheet of White Drawing Paper

3 x Craft Feathers

3 x...

Art For Children

String-Wrapped Block Prints

A easy and affordable project for you and your toddler.

Materials Needed

3 x Wooden or Plastic Blocks

3 x 12 Inch Long...